Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crash into Me

Yesterday, Matt and I were talking about the delicateness of life after a 25 year old woman found her husband unresponsive.  This morning, we shared our craziest concepts of life. Mine: the subjectiveness of time. His: the finality. So what was running through my primed mind as I crashed into the median going 70mph? First, I thought about how upset Matt was going to be. Second, I thought about how I needed to survive.

A few months ago I was distraught after a minor fender bender with no damage ruined my day.  Today I sit moments after a major accident on a freeway with our mode of transportation across the country counting my blessings for the following:

1. The car I was driving had brand new tires. With the previous set of tires, I would have flipped over.

2. The car behind me, which happened to be filled with retired police officers, pulled over to calm my nervous and facilitate the technical matters.

3. Bottles of glass cans smashed all over the car, but none touched me.

4. The cars in the other lanes were aware enough to avoid my fishtailing car.

5. I have a very understanding boyfriend.

Yes. Getting in a crash the night before leaving on a month long road trip sucks. The damage to the car which isn't even mine and the headache of insurance companies after is a pain. But maybe it serves as a reminder that despite all the excitement and extensive planning of the minute details, safety should be the top priority and everything else will fall into place.